Staff List

Below is the Staff Contact list. It includes each staff member's school voicemail number, email, and team website information.

Grade/Content    Email Phone Number
Abatelli, Tiffany  Spanish  [email protected] 303-982-6364 
Arleth, Matt Social Studies [email protected] 303-982-0124
Bernal, Phillip  Art [email protected] 303-982- 
 STEM [email protected] 303-982- 5271
 Bielak, Heather  Family and Consumer Studies  [email protected]  303-982-2043
Blackwood, Adrienne  SRO  [email protected]  303-982-4375
Brown, Suzie  Student Support [email protected]   
Counselor [email protected]  303-982-3830 
Bult, Traci Financial Secretary [email protected] 303-982-2030
Capra, Michele Social Studies  [email protected] 303-982-4204
Carroll, Seth Social Studies [email protected] 303-982-1851
Cavaleri, Lori   ELA  [email protected]  303-982-9811
Conner, Brian Principal [email protected] 303-982-9645
Cornejo, Chris Science  [email protected]  303-982-1475
 Counterman, Laurie Art/Graphic Design  [email protected]  303-982-2748
 Croell, Kurt  ELA [email protected]  303-982-5279 
 Danford, Patti Assistant Principal  [email protected]  303-982-4957
 Doole, Annie ELA  [email protected]  303-982-4371
Eicher, Izzy Math [email protected] 303-982-2016
Ertelt, Tobye Digital Teacher Librarian [email protected] 303-982-8296
 Field, Suzie SPED Para [email protected] 303-982-2020 
 Finn, James 6th Learning Specialist [email protected] 303-982-2201
 Galka, Becky Social Studies [email protected]  303-982-3678
 Goemaat, Amber Counselor [email protected]  303-982-0342 
Harmon, Jane  ESL [email protected]   303-982-3202
Harrod, Patrick   Digital Media [email protected] 303-982-2961
 Hehir, Gabby  Science [email protected] 303-982-2764 
Hertle, Matt   Facilities Manager [email protected]  
 Kerr, Joel  8th Learning Specialist  [email protected]  303-982-
Kotas, Kathryn Science [email protected] 303-982-2047
Lee, Gabrielle  Speech Pathologist [email protected] 303-982-5106
Leebrick, Jill Health Aide [email protected] 303-982-2068
Leonard, Sarah Attendance Secretary
[email protected] 303-982-2028
 Littleton, Amber  Social Worker [email protected]  303-982-2059
Miller, Jessica  Vocal/Instrumental Music [email protected]  303-982-8502
Moscoso, Nicole   Math  [email protected]  303-982-4646
 Petersen, Robin 7th Learning Specialist  [email protected] 303-982-2041
 Peterson, Bonnie Health and Physical Education [email protected] 303-982-1342 
Rowland, Brandon Assistant Principal [email protected] 303-982-2004
Richard, Kristen  Math [email protected]  303-982-8114 
Ryer, Mariko Science [email protected] 303-982-2014
 Schwartz, Miles Social Studies [email protected] 303-982-9453 
 Sedbrook, Abigail  ELA  [email protected]  303-982-
 Spraker, Lauren  Math  [email protected]  303-982-1477
Stafford, Katie  Instrumental Music [email protected]   303-982-5671
Stricker, Barb  Theatre/Film [email protected]  303-982-5691
 Stewart, Staci 1:1 SPED Para  [email protected]   
Counselor [email protected]  303-982-0484
Ward, Chris  Science [email protected]   303-982-1888
 Wengrovius, Kimberly Reading Interventionist  [email protected] 303-982-
 Whipple, Erin SEL  [email protected]  303-982-9235
 Wilmes, Mary Principal's Secretary  [email protected]  303-982-9279
 Worth, Sarah Math  [email protected]  303-982-5329
 Youness, Allison ELA [email protected] 303-982- 5278
Zamora, Dillon  Math [email protected] 303-982-8861 
Zott, Trevor Health and Physical Education [email protected] 303-982-2031
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